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Q&A: Asa Wikman
5 years ago

Wow! The very first post on the brand new TSHIRT STORE blog. Let’s get started by meeting one of our very talented designers.

Hello, could you quickly introduce yourself? 

Hey, I’m Asa Wikman and I live and work in London, UK.

When did you first get into illustration, and where do you tend to draw your inspiration from?

I have been drawing since I was very young but my older sister and my best friend were much more talented then me, so I never considered it as a profession. I went for something completely different and worked as a freelance journalist, poet, rapper, teaching assistant and DJ before I one day decided to move from Stockholm to London and study animation. It was then that I noticed how much I enjoyed drawing characters and making patterns, and that I could draw things that people would react to and that would make them smile…so that’s how it started. I am inspired by my bad sense of humour, my interest in politics and human behaviour and all the things I see and experience around me in everyday life.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a new wallpaper collection and I’m adding more animals to my Animal Kingdom series. I am also setting up a new studio and updating my web shop with a few more products that I am very excited about.

Can you explain where the bear t-shirt idea came from?

I find illustrations of cute kittens and puppies unbelievably boring and wanted to do something with animals that people would really relate or react to, also something that would also have a political twist. When I started drawing my Animal Kingdom collection the bear was my first animal. I never like it when people force a jumper onto a bear and put it on a bike for our entertainment, or have killer whales captured in tiny pools and make them jump for stupid people to pay and see. I have a lot of respect and admiration for nature and wild animals and I wish more people did. The Animal Kingdom bear is all about that, her nature strikes back.


How would you wear and style your bear t-shirt for men and women?

The bear t-shirt is the new black, it works with jeans, hot pants and a suit as well as a leather skirt ;)

Thanks Asa! The Animal Kingdom t-shirt is available here.

5 years ago

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